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12:03am 11/04/2005
  Are you bored? very_bored

hot_athletes - which sports stars do u like the look of? general discussion about male and female athletes.

sharapova_daily - Maria Sharapova Daily!
hantuchova - Fans of Daniela Hantuchova
_dementieva - Fans of Elena Dementieva
dokic - Fans of Jelena Dokic
kirilenko_fans - Fans of Maria Kirilenko
___kournikova Anna Kournikova Manics!!!!!!
01:07am 15/09/2004
  Maria Sharapova - sharapova_daily

Elena Dementieva - _dementieva
Daniela Hantuchova - hantuchova
Maria Kirilenko - kirilenko_fans
Jelena Dokic - dokic

hot_athletes - thought Id throw this in too lol, this is my community which has quite a few members now, its all about sports stars that people think are beautiful/sexy/hot/gorgeous/good looking lol. Its for both male and female.
12:54pm 11/09/2004
  _dementieva - shes now through to the US Open 2004 final. Elena Dementieva Fans Unite!!  
01:00am 10/09/2004
  Join hot_athletes. This community is dedicated to discussing hot athletes and sports stars both male and female.
We post pictures, backgrounds, info, articles, discussions, avatars and icons. Come on over and tell us who your favourites are.